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  • GoogleAds: PMax “ghostbuster” optimization, audience signals, keeping up your keywords, PMax for hotels, EMEA Product Kickoff on March 22;
  • FacebookAds: Instagram ads funneling, Advantage+ on the rise;
  • TikTokAds: entering the search ads market;
  • Microsoft: pushing modifiers to broad;
  • CRO at the age of Ai.
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  • GoogleAds: really useful custom columns, PMax updates, sitelink assets BP, match types blowingout, AI ads, Click Potential in GMC;
  • FacebookAds: audience network placements, new insights;
  • Microsoft: pushing Audience Network;
  • LinkedinAds: new interests attributes;
  • adwexp: registration price increasing on 3/10/23.
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  • GoogleAds: ChatGPT usage examples, conversion tracking mistakes, PMax for leads, 2023 suggestions, Optimize > Optimizely, best practices for negatives, Local Inventory Ads mini-guide, GAds-GA4 conversion comparison;
  • FacebookAds: more competitive research insights, optimizing campaigns for engagement in landing sites;
  • Microsoft: February updates;
  • adwexp: registration opening.
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  • GoogleAds: GDN is going broad, account level negative keywords, bye-bye Optimize, PMax errors & experiments, bid management tips;
  • FacebookAds: structuring best practices, new Ai driven creatives;
  • LinkedinAds: setting the right budget;
  • TwitterAds: targeting searches;
  • GA4: the right attibution model for your campaigns;
  • PPC Paid Search Association free yearly Conference on 2/22.
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  • GoogleAds: redundant-keyword-gate, adgroup structure key factor with RSA too, top 2022 scripts, PMax best practices, auction eligibility & PMax;
  • MetaAds: €390M fine that could affect effectiveness of campaigns in Europe, limiting teens targeting options;
  • LinkedinAds: using segments breakdown in job title targeting;
  • GA4: new audience import from UA, import non GAds cost data.
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  • GoogleAds: End of duopoly with Meta?, new data in insights page, popunder fraudolent activity, guide to cross-channel campaigns, top 2022 post on SEL;
  • MetaAds: tracking parameters in Advantage+ audiences, new video ad tips, placement control, when broad might be better;
  • LinkedinAds: 12 best practices for 2023;
  • Twitter Ads: keeps reassuring they will give more placement controls to advertisers;
  • Snapchat: new placements in lenses;
  • GA4 new LP report.
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