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  • GoogleAds: Promotions deceiving PMax, 10 RLSA to test;
  • MetaAds: Lead Ads as LP, new WP on consumers’ behaviour, trends to consider in 2023, when broad might work;
  • LinkedinAds: refining target by exclusions;
  • Twitter Ads: performance based goals;
  • Microsoft Ads: December updates;
  • GA4: new metrics available;
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  • GoogleAds: Full PMax or shopping only?, 2022 paid search benchmark updates & forecasts for Q4, device only campaigns, competitive ad research, avoid big brands bidding up, mistakes to avoid during a recession;
  • MetaAds: real data from Advantage+ Shopping campaigns, when pulling back ads is the right choice;
  • LinkedinAds: Documents Ads.
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  • GoogleAds: bye-bye similar audiences, QS components, video ads updates, RLSA, exclude non targeted languages in GDN, RSA combination report;
  • FacebookAds: welcome back 28-days attribution, effective ads examples;
  • Microsoft Advertising: October updates;
  • How to scale TwitterAds
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  • GoogleAds: PMax optimization, transition at 95%, new features & lead gen problems, custom audiences;
  • FacebookAds: 5 ways to scale accounts, IG ad load increases;
  • LinkedinAds: audience expansion;
  • TikTokAds: focused view, smart performance shopping etc;
  • Healthy PPC campaigns & conversion
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  • GoogleAds: keyword (match type) less accounts, RSA performance tweaks, content targeting for video ads sunset, GDN inventory control center;
  • FacebookAds: reels ads, test vs YT, Pinterest & TikTok video ads, spying competitors’ audiences;
  • Microsoft: October updates;
  • analytics: GA4 automatic tracking form interactions, attribution guide;
  • PPC: pre-order adwexp 2022 videos with 20% off
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  • Google Ads: Optimizing RSA & PMax best practices;
  • Facebook Ads: B2B targeting, advantage automatic audience expansion, scaling ads, call ads, local delivery ads;
  • Linkedin Ads: 4 new functions;
  • Analytics: US-EU privacy shield is coming;
  • adwexp 2022 final agenda is online.
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