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  • MetaAds: Temu goes wild, daily budget up to +75% (within the limits of weekly spending), LLama3 arrives (in English);
  • GoogleAds: paid search still vital, AI generated images in DGen, YT Shorts Ads mini-guide, Ad Cards in EU, new free script collection, direct integration with BigQuery, never sell an account;
  • MicrosoftAds: enhanced conversions released.
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  • GoogleAds: Ad-Strenght in auctions?, time proof structure, remarketing traffic drops after COMOv2, product highlights importance in feeds, beta “retention goal” in PMax, how to push local ads, latest trends & BP in PMax, Google seems pushing for its own network impressions;
  • MetaAds: latest updated + conversion window relevance;
  • TikTokAds: new brand protection tools;
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  • GoogleAds: the certainty of winning the auction might have a cost, Demand Gen still useful, new metric definitions for ad positioning in SERPs, Responsive Video Ads, shopping ads for cars arrive in Europe, price insights and automatic discounts in GMC;
  • MetaAds: Latest Advantage+ news, new distinction between engaged and new users and related reports in GA4;
  • MicrosoftAds: April updates and definitive elimination of manual CPC;
  • Analytics: diagnostic tag for advanced conversions in Google Tag;
  • PPC: 2 new reports on the industry.
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  • GA4: so long user-id, welcome enhanced conversions (now key events);
  • GoogleAds: PMax optimization scripts collection, placement exclusion in DGen, exact (& phrase) match still important, custom ChatGPT with more than 5,000 conversations;
  • MetaAds: importing offline conversions with CAPI, coupon codes in Instagram;
  • MicrosoftAds: welcome Display Ads;
  • TikTokAds: guide to LeadGen;
  • TwitterAds: X lost an important brand safety certification.
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  • GoogleAds: new 2024 study on winning strategies, SGE could lead to a drop of up to 60% in search traffic, Optimize PMax with search terms, placements and main settings, public segments cut after 3/6, check advanced conversions, EMEA presentation on 3/19;
  • MetaAds: Latest Advantage+ news, shopping and automatic audience expansion on TOFU;
  • LinkedinAds: expands the possibility of promoting content written by others;
  • TikTokAds: the next six months will be decisive for the ban in the USA;
  • MicrosoftAds: UI restyling and Copilot integration.
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  • GoogleAds: script to identify search terms without conversions in PMax, check COMOv2 with the browser, Google-branded MMM, no channel no party, CSS will be able to promote their own site (TikTok has already started), new “types” of customer audiences, importance of average time to conversion, new columns for purchases and purchase value;
  • MicrosoftAds: PMax, new markets for display and CTV (Netflix) and feed labels;
  • LinkedinAds: Dynamic UTMs for #GA4.
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