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  • GoogleAds: BM is not the new black, messing with GA4 conversions, chart top keywords, tROAS warning, min bids & RGSP like cash machines, PMax bucketing, CPC/CTR benchmarks, be careful to “expanded targeting”, GMC hidden gems etc;
  • FacebookAds: automated rules to test & announced innovations;
  • TikTok: improved analytics & brand lift data + using ads library.
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  • GoogleAds: auto-segmenting PMax on price competitiveness, new asset group insights, improved URL targeting, unified tracking tag in GTM, Limited Ads Serving policy;
  • MetaAds: is an ads-free paying version of FB/IG/WA coming to Europe?, all latest updates;
  • PinterestAds: launched its own ad library;
  • RedditAds: added some new functions.
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  • GoogleAds: the ideal conversion numbers & new reports for PMax (via scripts & Looker Studio), Discovery upgrade in Demand Gen, #YouTube Ads best practices, LSA without anonimous reviews, low quality placements & children targeting?;
  • FacebookAds: brand inquiry in Ad Library, B2B targeting new options;
  • TikTok: launches its own search ads.
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  • GoogleAds: new (serious) search term report in PMax via scripts, will feed-only campaigns still be possible?, so long to enhanced CPC in std shopping, seasonal adjustments BP, brand blocks in PMax, broad match real numbers;
  • FacebookAds: how spending limit works, 10 top examples in wellness industry;
  • TikTok: limiting ads personalization in EU, AI scripting tool;
  • MicrosoftAds: PMax in open beta + other updates;
  • Linkedin: ad specs 2023.
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  • GoogleAds: improved brand management in Search & PMax, product collections & assets, GA4 to GAds data, new search terms insights, automatic customer match lists, Display & DSA pushed to PMax, MC automated discounts;
  • FacebookAds: new attribution settings & instant form add-ons, high intent audiences;
  • MicrosoftAds: PMax in open beta;
  • LinkedinAds: retargeting best practices;
  • PPC all you need list.
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  • GoogleAds: GVP placements quality, auto-optimizing product feeds, PMax adoption rates, search themes & brand exclusions, Saas campaigns, real time keyword validation, Gen Z Music Lineup;
  • FacebookAds: Advantage budgeting, FB/IG updated ad size specs;
  • MicrosoftAds: 3-strikes out policy;
  • LinkedinAds: fast retargeting.
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