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  • GoogleAds: Customer Match “signals”, advanced targeting audiences, extension upgrade, PMax corner;
  • FacebookAds: WhatsAppAds/Messenger integration in Business Suite, landing page optimization;
  • Microsoft: May updates;
  • Linkedin: lead gen campaings mini-guide;
  • PPC survey global report.
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  • GoogleAds: UA to GA4 import of conversion events, avoid PMax cannibalization of branded keys &audiences to jumpstart, reports dashboard at manager account level, Discovery campaigns, new local services (in US & CA), custom column functions, agile target layering;
  • FacebookAds: bug pausing random ad groups;
  • LinkedinAds: miniguide to conversion tracking.
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  • GoogleAds: UA retirement postponed, position impact on CTR & CR, Chrome ext to capture ads, Merchant Center integration in GA4, ad customizers in RSA, YT ads fine optimizations, GAds Editor 2.0 (with PMax) released;
  • FacebookAds: accuracy level in interest targeting;
  • Microsoft: travel industry insights;
  • TikTok: new ads gallery;
  • PPC salary survey report.
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  • GoogleAds: UA will be retired in July 2023, consolidating different match types, negative keywords selection best practices, using data exclusion & seasonality adjustments;
  • FacebookAds: the manual of the perfect tracker in 2022;
  • LinkedinAds: lesson learned & previsions for 2022;
  • Microsoft: LI profile targeting in the Audience Network, ;professional service & automotive ads, Ad Creator.
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  • GoogleAds: master RSA, value based bidding, bid strategies pro&con, ;
  • FacebookAds: best ad examples, creating new campaigns with ODAX;
  • LinkedinAds: benchmarks, integration with Oribi event tracking tool;
  • Microsoft: auto-apply recommendations, dynamic descriptions for DSA, seasonality adjustments + other updates
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  • GoogleAds: Smart Shopping / Performance Max sending Gmails?, user data in conversions, script to change tROAS dynamically, RSA vs ETA, all targeting options in one place, LP analysis, longer ad extension;
  • FacebookAds: less iOS underreporting, web audence strategies, redesigning ads;
  • TikTok vs Instagram reels
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