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  • GoogleAds: end of cookies era postponed to 2024, tracking conversion in #GA4 the right way, segmenting SS/PMax, spammy LSA, blocking video ads in GDN, new centralized tag, Agile Target Layering, GA4 default channel group for PMax;
  • FacebookAds: avoid video thruplay data inflated;
  • Microsoft Ads: setting an Audience Network campaign + other updates;
  • PPC: declining CR countermeasures.
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  • GoogleAds: optimizing PMax campaigns, video editing/storage in assets, brand protection is worth it?, benchmark Q2 2022 highlights;
  • Microsoft Ads: Choosen by Netflix;
  • TikTokAds: mini-guide, versus
  • Instagram reels; #Twitter: using ads in 2022.
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  • Google Ads: optimizing RSA, Shopping title options, broad match + smart bidding is for everyone?, smart bidding & portfolio strategies, automatic custom audiences in PMax, how (not) to use optimized targeting;
  • Linkedin Ads: launching account manager, monitor competitors’ ads;
  • TikTok Ads: on the rise among SMBs;
  • Twitter Ads: launches campaign planner.
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  • GoogleAds: the best GML recaps, dynamic prospecting, smart display merged with “regular” GND campaigns, PMax at their best, under review keys limitations, Conversion value adjustments;
  • Linkedin: audience segmentation strategies, in-market top tricks;
  • TikTok: spark and collection ads best practices & real data.
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  • GoogleAds so long to keyword type segmentation, RSA ad strength & distribution, new scripts UI, GML event previews, ad personalization tool
  • FacebookAds SMM report 2022
  • Analytics LP reports in GA4
  • LinkedinAds super job titles
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  • GoogleAds: Customer Match “signals”, advanced targeting audiences, extension upgrade, PMax corner;
  • FacebookAds: WhatsAppAds/Messenger integration in Business Suite, landing page optimization;
  • Microsoft: May updates;
  • Linkedin: lead gen campaings mini-guide;
  • PPC survey global report.
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