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  • GoogleAds: CPC inflation is real?, redundant keywords, rules & supplemental feeds in GMC Next, Chrome plug-in to test enhanced conversions, over-segmenting PMax, conversion metereopathy;
  • MetaAds: ads-free Subscription violates DMA, are audience suggestions Worth a try;
  • TikTokAds: sunset teens targeting (in US), AI influencer marks & SMB webinar of creative performance.
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  • GoogleAds: broad match news (positive and negative) + search terms, 50 shades of brand, budget-saving rule, LSA news, COMO2 and customer match, tROAS insights;
  • MetaAds: sales goals for non e-commerce projects, automatic catalogues, promotion of offers, groups in Meta and IG broadcasts etc.;
  • Amazon: mini-guide to sponsored brand campaigns.
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  • GoogleAds: pashing out card payments in “high-growth” accounts, professional audit tips, what you need to pass to POAS, Image editing with Google’s AI & Canva, user Numbers in GAds audience segments in GA4, extra costs in Italy, Spain & Turkey;
  • MetaAds: sitelink & GA4 plugin effects, using audience segmentation in manual sales campaigns, how a switch to awareness reduced CPM by 80%, new chatbot announced;
  • LinkedinAds: exclusion audiences work even under 300 users.
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  • GoogleAds: +conversions for paid search, consequences of inactive keyword pausing, video impressions in the conversion path report, a leadgen case story, be careful to account ownership, ads on GoogleTV and email;
  • MetaAds: new features for creating ads and tracking custom events;
  • Microsoft: Mini-guide to inclusive prompting;
  • Pinterest: new AI tools for ads.
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  • GoogleAds: GMC Feed updates, opensource feed segmenter & Optimizing tips, AI video ads tool, check UX problems in international campaigns, new energy labels starting from 9/1, exclude X (Twitter) to keep your brand safe, funding disinformation;
  • MetaAds: new targeting & segmenting functionalities;
  • Microsoft: Video & CTV in Advertising Editor, banner gen AI, shopping > PMax etc;
  • LinkedinAds: new premium video format + AI video creation tool.
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  • GoogleAds: has Temu calmed down?, record refunds in the UK, endless experiments are over, the US privacy revenge, is privacy sandbox really the best solution?, “automatic products” have arrived;
  • FacebookAds: learning times decreasing?, CPM? no thanks, geographic micro-targeting;
  • Microsoft: Import conversions from GAds;
  • PayPal will have its PPC platform, programmatic space is reducing, adwexp 2024 program v.2
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