Agile Google Ads Executive Summary

You can now find on the executive summary of my book about Google Ads (AdWords) optimization methodology.

This summary is designed to provide a practical guide to all the key aspects of setting up and optimizing PPC campaigns in Google.  All this fell into the new AdWords “experience”, which in 2017 did not change only the interface graphics, but modified some important parts of the system’s functioning (strongly pushing many self-learning automations).  In few weeks it will be followed by the complete e-book

The title of the book is related to my way of conceiving Google Ads campaigns, that is: “maximum result with minimum effort (both economic and in time management)”. The constant confrontation with models as complex as ineffective, proposed by the various “gurus” on duty, pushed me to ideate and patent in the United States a method of control and optimization of account’s performance (“PPC CheckMate”) based on objective measurement factors, regardless the structure given to campaigns.

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And… may the ROI be with you ;-)

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