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All the videos from the last ADworld Experience

In the last weeks we published all videos and slides of the last ADworld Experience held on April 2015. This edition was the most participated ever (with more than 200 participants) and the largest in terms of real AdWords optimization case stories presented (20 cases presented by 25 international PPC experts). Also the full day […]

How much is your AdWords account optimized? (video tutorial)

I have had the chance to join the last SEMRush PPC week series of webinars, recording a video of my full session. In my pitch I explained in details (and in English ;-) my simplified procedure to evaluate the optimization level of an AdWords account.

My AdWords evaluation method at PPC Masters in Berlin

I had the pleasure to be invited to speak at PPC Masters in Berlin, one of the main European events about AdWords, and I’m even more pleased now to share with you the slides I have presented. As many of you already know, I have a sort of idiosyncrasy for useless complexity, especially referred to AdWords, […]

ADworld Experience is going global

The biggest Italian event about AdWords and Search Engine Advertising starting from this year’s edition will be completely translated in real time in English.  Both participants attending in Bologna (Italy) on the 30th of April 2014 or via webinar on line from all over the world will enjoy speechs and slides in Italian or English and […]