Top 10 PPC News from November 10 to 24, 2023

  • GoogleAds: how to block video partners, automatic assets in PMax & RSA, ad customizers scheduled updates, 390 days limit for eu audiences, search trending topics in PMax, conversions in audience data;
  • MetaAds: Advantage+ audiences outperforming broad match, Meta partners with Amazon, no ads, no party;
  • Microsoft: partners with Baidu;
  • Linkedin: max matches in list uploading;
  • Top PPC spenders in US in 12 categories, adwexp call for speakers 2024.

Top 10 PPC News from 10/27 to 11/10, 2023

  • GoogleAds PMax AI assets, AdSense to pay-per-impressions, CPC & audience adjustments with TCPA/ROAS, Q3 trends, Search Themes
  • MetaAds budget control updates
  • Microsoft Audience Network bypass
  • Linkedin best ad types to test in 2024
  • TikTok EU users official numbers

Top PPC News from October 13 to 27, 2023

  • GoogleAds PMax search themes, script updates, max conv/ROAS vs tCPA/ROAS, BFCM tips, who really are Google Reps, best GAds tools, etc
  • MetaAds ad contents BP
  • Microsoft launches its own adsense
  • Amazon AI image generator

Top 10 PPC News from September 22 to October 13, 2023

  • GoogleAds: here come Demand Gen campaigns, GDN vs Discovery, PMax placements, X partners with Google;
  • MetaAds: advantage+ audience tests, new options for holiday season;
  • Microsoft: disable audience ads, retail advertising network;
  • LinkedinAds: new fully automated campaigns, lower cpc costs.

Top 10 PPC News from September 8 to 22, 2023

  • GoogleAds: BM is not the new black, messing with GA4 conversions, chart top keywords, tROAS warning, min bids & RGSP like cash machines, PMax bucketing, CPC/CTR benchmarks, be careful to “expanded targeting”, GMC hidden gems etc;
  • FacebookAds: automated rules to test & announced innovations;
  • TikTok: improved analytics & brand lift data + using ads library.