Top 10 PPC News 1/1-13, 2023

  • GoogleAds: redundant-keyword-gate, adgroup structure key factor with RSA too, top 2022 scripts, PMax best practices, auction eligibility & PMax;
  • MetaAds: €390M fine that could affect effectiveness of campaigns in Europe, limiting teens targeting options;
  • LinkedinAds: using segments breakdown in job title targeting;
  • GA4: new audience import from UA, import non GAds cost data.

News in the video are commented starting from the #10 & closing with the most important one:

#1 Meta fined for €390M by EU Court of Justice for forcing users to personalized ads
Facebook parent company has been fined for forcing users to accept personalized ads to access the social network. The company will appeal the decision, but has 3 months to change its policies accordingly.

#2 Why you should reassess GAds recommendations
Greg Finn explains why Google’s decision to change the recommendation about redundant keyword removal is a very dangerous precedent.

#3 Adgroup organization still is the PPC secret sauce
Brad Geddes shares a case story demonstrating Responsive Search Ads might underperform if used in an overlapping or confused ad group structure

#4 Top 5 2022 Google Ads Scripts
Nils Rooijmans, one of the best EU’s GAds script experts, shared his personal top 5 script parade for 2022

#5 Monitoring & optimizing Performance Max
Optmyzr’s Cory Lindholm summerizes Mike Rhodes showing a series of PMax best practices

#6 GA4 import tool now can recreate UA audiences
The new tool can recreate audiences based on similar dimensions/metrics, but, of course you will have to repopulate them again once migrated

#7 How to import data from non Google ppc platforms in GA4
Julius Fedorovicius (Analytics Mania) shares a step by step guide to import FBAds, LinkedinAds, TwitterAds, Microsoft etc. in Google Analytics 4

#8 How to enlarge job title targeting in LinkedinAds staying in your business niche
AJ Wilcox explains how to use segment breakdown to reach unrecognized job titles in your target industry

#9 Meta is going to limit teens targeting options
Starting on February 20, FacebookAds will loose the gender and zip codes or local targeting (smaller than cities) options for under 18 users.

#10 Auction eligibility & PMax
Kirk Williams shares some interesting considerations on cases of search campaigns loosing visibility in favour of more expensive Performance Max clicks even with higher ad ranking

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