Top 10 PPC news 10/28 to 11/11/22

  • GoogleAds: bye-bye similar audiences, QS components, video ads updates, RLSA, exclude non targeted languages in GDN, RSA combination report;
  • FacebookAds: welcome back 28-days attribution, effective ads examples;
  • Microsoft Advertising: October updates;
  • How to scale TwitterAds

News in the video are commented starting from the #10 & closing with the most important one:

#1 Google will sunset similar audiences in 2023
They will be stopped form being created on May 2023 and retired in August 2023 in favor of optimized targeting (& audience expansion in video campaigns)

#2 Facebook draws back 28 days attribution
The 28 days attribution time window will gradually return to our accounts thanks to more precise modeled data (& the approaching shopping season ;-)

#3 Interesting examples of Facebook Ads examples
Creatopy shared some useful examples of effective FBAds campaigns, along with best practice to create scroll-stopper ads

#4 Busy week at Google Video Campaigns
Forecast campaign planner and new frequency target goal for video campaigns are going to roll out globally

#5 All the 6 components of Quality Score
Kelly Bielfeldt (JumpFly) did an interesting recap of all factors still impacting ad ranking, including search context and extension expected CTR

#6 Why Remarketing Lists for Search Ads are worth a try
Candace Boren (Marin One) refreshes an evergreen targeting strategy all PPC Pro should use (even just to test its potential)

#7 A script to exclude non targeted languages in GDN
Frederick Vallaeys (Optmyzr) shared a script wich can automatically exclude domains in GDN using unicode sets for languages different from our targeted ones

#7 How to scale Twitter ads
All the best practices you should consider to scale Twitter Ads without loosing too much effectiveness

#9 October new functionalities in Microsoft Advertising
Credit card ads, PMax import, improved UET tag dashboard, RSA recommendations and other recent updates introduced in October

#10 RSA combination report will retain data for only 12 months
Starting on January 15 2023 the report with all asset combinations will limit data availability to the previous 12 months

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