Top 10 PPC News 2/17 to 3/3, 2023

  • GoogleAds: really useful custom columns, PMax updates, sitelink assets BP, match types blowingout, AI ads, Click Potential in GMC;
  • FacebookAds: audience network placements, new insights;
  • Microsoft: pushing Audience Network;
  • LinkedinAds: new interests attributes;
  • adwexp: registration price increasing on 3/10/23.

News in the video are commented starting from the #10 & closing with the most important one:

#1 14 custom columns for easier GAds management
Ashton Clarke (knocklepuck) shares some very interesting examples of calculated metrics you can set in Google Ads custom columns

#2 Microsoft pushes hard for their Audience Network
Nikki Kuhlman shares some tips to manage the latest updates from Redmond designed to “help” us to profit (for us or them?) from their Audience Network in search campaigns

#3 When FBAds audience network placement are worth it
Jon Loomer shares some useful tips on audience network placement management in Facebook Ads

#4 New Performance Max features coming in
Ginny Marvin announced several updates during Search Advertising Week regarding asset group level reports, brand term exlusions, easier video creation & (limited) experiements

#5 Sitelinks best practices & real examples
Pauline Jakober posts on SEJ some interesting tips for one of the most effective ad assets (formerly extensions)

#6 Linkedin Ads adds more ad targeting criteria
Linkedin added 20+ new service interest attributes and 120+ new product interest attributes mostly focused on B2C campaigns

#7 Is Phrase Match still worth it?
Ben Kirby & Matt Southern share some interesting considerations about what remains of the broader-than-ever phrase match matching in Gads (+ a new Google guide about matching types)

#8 A real case of “redundant keywords” removal
Frederick Vallaeys shares a real case story of performance stumbling down after different matches keywords automatic removal

#9 What you always wanted to know and never dare to ask to… Facebook
A new reporting tool open to the public has been released by Meta[0]=europe-middle-east-africa&filters[1]=gen-z

#10 Automatically AI created assets
Dan Roberts (Search Engine Hubbub) comments the evolution of Google AI applied to ad creatives

Click Potential in GMC
Registration Prices to increase 3/10/23 at 18:00CET

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