Top 10 PPC News from 1/13 to 2/3, 2023

  • GoogleAds: GDN is going broad, account level negative keywords, bye-bye Optimize, PMax errors & experiments, bid management tips;
  • FacebookAds: structuring best practices, new Ai driven creatives;
  • LinkedinAds: setting the right budget;
  • TwitterAds: targeting searches;
  • GA4: the right attibution model for your campaigns;
  • PPC Paid Search Association free yearly Conference on 2/22.

News in the video are commented starting from the #10 & closing with the most important one:

#1 GDN targeting is going “broad”
Starting from March 2023 each targeting setting in display campaigns will start working in parallel with the others instead of cross-matching with each-other

#2 Account level negative keywords are (finally) available in GoogleAds
Without asking to a Google Rep + they will work also for Performance Max campaigns.

#3 Google Optimize will be retired on September 30, 2023
Very bad news for all PPC & CRO professionals. I would have payed for it, if I could.

#4 7 frequent errors to avoid in GoogleAds Performance Max campaigns
Menachem Ani shares some interesting and frequent “worst practices” he have seen advertisers doing in Performance Max campaigns

#5 GoogleAds rolling out new Performance Max experiments
By now a really poor instrument designed to underline better performances over other campaigns. Let’s hope Google will turn it in something really useful to optimize PMax themselves.

#6 How to structure your effective & scalable Facebook Ads campaigns
Andrea Vahl shares some interesting insights on FBAds structuring best practices.

#7 Facebook Ads will have new Ai designed ads?
Meta has signed a new deal with Shutterstock for contents to be used in automated Ai driven tools

#8 How to set the right budget for your Linkedin Ads
The short answer is: by testing with a test budget. But how much is it to do it properly?

#9 6 tips for effective bid managemnt
Michelle Morgan shares some nice insights to move among all more or less automated bidding strategies currently available in GAds.

#10 Which attribution model is the best for your campaigns?
Martin Jones (Hallam) does an excellent review of all the use cases of the different models.

Twitter launched a search based ad targeting option
Paid Search Associacion Conference on 2/22 (free but with limited places)

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