Top 10 PPC News from 6/28 to 7/7/24

  • GoogleAds: CPC inflation is real?, redundant keywords, rules & supplemental feeds in GMC Next, Chrome plug-in to test enhanced conversions, over-segmenting PMax, conversion metereopathy;
  • MetaAds: ads-free Subscription violates DMA, are audience suggestions Worth a try;
  • TikTokAds: sunset teens targeting (in US), AI influencer marks & SMB webinar of creative performance.
In the video contents are exposed starting from the last one (as in any honorable top ten ;-))

1) Is GoogleAds artificially inflating CPCs?
Raoul van Heerden comments a podcast episode by John Moran about Google’s CPC inflation while SMEC presented a new study on it

2) Should you remove redundand keywords?
According to Brad Geddes you should not. In order to prevent poor matching ads & landing pages.

3) Meta’s Ad-Free subscription violetes DMA
According to EU Commission Meta will have to change again its free subscription model to comply with DMA (Andrew Hutchinson)

4) Rules & supplemental feeds landed in GMC Next
Finally these 2 important features made their apparence in Merchant Center Next too (under an Add-On additional feature to be opted in)

5) Audience suggestions not always needed in MetaAds
Jon Loomer shared the results of a test evidencing the low impact of suggestions in long-lasting optimized accounts

6) A new Chrome plug-in to test enhanced conversions
Scott Carruthers (via Adriaan Dekker) shared a very nice & useful plug-in to check data collected with enhanced conversions

7) Over segmenting PMax could lead to worsten results
Chris Schwarz shared an under performing case story of over-segmentation without tCPA balancing & wrong budget allocation with search campaigns

8) Tik Tok blocks teens targeting & marks virtual influencers (in US)
The Chinese social giant rolled out some new privacy & AI controls in the US market

9) GAds conversions are metereopathic
Floris De Schrijver remembers to all of us that weather can heavily influence results & points out how to mitigate this impact

10) Microsoft launches its hotel/accomodation ads facility
Property Center is the name of the new lodging campaigns management hub by Microsoft (globally available)


TikTok’s new webinar headed to boost creative performance for SMB (July 1, 12pm CET)

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