Top 10 PPC News from Dec 23 to Jan 7, 2022

  • GoogleAds: audiences hierarchical order, new partner program starts with larger discount offers, YouTube ads tips, negative keyword lists, Search Ads 360 vs GAds, display ads best practices, conversion import;
  • FacebookAds: Changes to campaign objectives in 2022, detailed targeting on health, sexual orientation, religion & politics blocked;
  • LinkedinAds tips to increase performance.

News in the video are commented starting from the #10 & closing with the most important one:

#1 Facebook Ads will consolidate (& simplify) campaign objectives
Starting from the beginning of 2022 FB will start to release Outcome-Driven Ad Experiences (ODAX) grouping the 11 present goals into 6

#2 Who gets the conversion in GAds is the same user is in more than 1 audience?
Nils Rooijmans shared an interesting insight (coming directly from Google) on audiences hierarchical order in impression, click, cost and conversion attribution

#3 New Google Partner Program starts with a bang
Starting from February 2022 the new progam will allow partners to give away 500$ (400€ in EU) to be spent in 60 days (previously it was 120€ to be recovered in 30 days)

#4 12 YouTube Ads enhancements to test in 2022
Interesting list of best practices for GoogleAds video campaigns

#5 FB preventing advetisers to target on health, sexual orientation, religion & politics
Starting on January 19, 2022, it will not be possible any longer to use detailed targeting options based on health causes, sexual orientation, religious & political beliefs

#6 8 best practices for Linkedin Ads
A nice recap of suggesions to improve performance of Linkedin Ads

#7 How to manage negative keyword lists in Google Ads
Karooya (a negative keyword automation tool) shared some interesting suggestion on how to mange multiple lists of keywords to be blocked

#8 Search Ads 360 vs. Google Ads
An interesting recap of PROs & Cons of the two platforms

#9 4 tips to create visually stunning display ads
An excerpt of the presentation of Julia Thiel (3Q Digital) at SMX Create

#10 What to know about Google Ads Offline conversion import
Mike Nelson shared some interesting suggestions on why & how to import offline conversions

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