Top 10 PPC News from December 8 to 22, 2023

  • GoogleAds: script for automatic exclusion of queries, why a dominant position is bad for ppc industry, how consent mode v2 works, match types are already dead, brand protection made the right way, mixing up ads (whitout notice), so long GTIN disapprovals, video reach campaign news/BP;
  • MetaAds: Threads in EU too, different audience expansions;
  • Linkedin: tips to lower costs;
  • GA4 standard UTM.

News in the video are commented starting from the #10 & closing with the most important one:

1) Threads launched in EU
Finally the X competitor app made in Meta lands in Europe

2) A script to automatically exclude search terms not mentioning specific keywords
Beppe Scollo perfectioned a Floris de Schrijver script to act as watchdog for your search campaigns (especially brand protection ones)

3) That’s why dominant positions are not good for paid media industry
Nandini Jammi & Claire Atkin (Check My Ads) on Adalytics report on Google Search Partner Network quality issues

4) Consent Mode V2 mini-guide
Tamas Geiger (GTM4WP) explains how the new version of Google’s consent mode (required for GAds starting from March 24) works

5) Ruben Runneboom’s top 5 GAds lessons in 2023
Little spoiler: Responsive ad customizers, optimization playbook, scripts, custom colums & DSA on product feeds :-)

6) Match types are already dead
A case study by Collin Slattery shows how using different match types is almost useless

7) Are you sure full automation is always the right choice in GAds?
A nice case study by Denie Geertzen + a post by Miles McNair are showing why & when good old school tactics are still working, especially for brand protection

8) Google is testing ad mix up variations (without notifying it)
Anthony Higman found that Google is admittedly testing headline, description & asset mixes

9) 5 best practices to reduce LinkedinAds cost
Eric Jones (B2Linked) recaps some useful suggestions to keep cost as low as possible in Linkedin Ads campaigns

10) How Meta can expand your audiences
Jon Loomer doas a full recap of pros & cons of all the (3) ways you can expand audiences in Meta Ads

A nice recap of GA4 standard channel UTM parameters

Missing GTIN will not lead to disapprovals

Enhanced conversions are coming to GA4

Big news for Video Reach campaigns

ADworld Experience 2024 call for speakers

May the ROI be with you! And… more peace for everyone ;-)

PS: Please comment if you think I missed something important!

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