Top 10 PPC News from February 3 to 17,2023

  • GoogleAds: ChatGPT usage examples, conversion tracking mistakes, PMax for leads, 2023 suggestions, Optimize > Optimizely, best practices for negatives, Local Inventory Ads mini-guide, GAds-GA4 conversion comparison;
  • FacebookAds: more competitive research insights, optimizing campaigns for engagement in landing sites;
  • Microsoft: February updates;
  • adwexp: registration opening.

News in the video are commented starting from the #10 & closing with the most important one:

#1 15 strategic prompts to use ChatGPT in PPC now
Amy Hebdon shares some interesting examples of how you can use AI (ChatGPT) in PPC campaigns

#2 Meta provides some more insights into ad targeting
Now you can see more info on audiences targeted by your competitors using the new “Why am I seeing this ad” panel in Facebook

#3 6 Google Ads conversion tracking errors to avoid
Michelle Morgan shares some interesting tips on conversion tracking mistakes useful to undersand several best practices

#4 Performance Max lead generation mini-guide
Menachem Ani shares some best practices to effectively use PMax for lead generation

#5 9 recommendations for GAds in 2023
Andrew Lolk recaps some interesting suggestions to maximize performance in Google Ads (and not only) in 2023

#6 Google & Optimizely partnered
Now is clearer what plans Google has in mind to replace Optimize (to be sunset on September 30, 2023)

#7 Engaged users conversions in FacebookAds
Jon Loomer explains a couple of tricks to have FBAds working to push engaged users on our landing sites

#8 How to effectively use negative keywords (account-wide or not)
After the introduction of account-wide negatives, here are some useful suggestions on where to find the right ones and how to use them

#9 Mini-guide to Google Local Inventory Ads
Shannon Mullery (Tinuiti) shares a list of suggestions to optimize shopping campaigns with local inventory ads

#10 Microsoft updates for February 2023
Some new markets, automated bidding in Audience Network, data exclusion for automated bidding + other minor updates

New report on GAds vs GA4 conversions preview
Registrations to Adworld Experience 2023 are now open

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