Top 10 PPC News from Jan 12 to 27, 2024

  • GoogleAds: conversational experience is here, AB testing shopping feeds, Consent Mode V2 announcements & BP, PMax for Lead Gen & coupled with standard shopping, that’s why reps can’t help;
  • MetaAds: Advantage detailed targeting with more goal options, when broad targeting fails;
  • TikTok: new guides/studies;
  • Linkedin: so long lookalikes, welcome sponsored articles.

News in the video are commented starting from the #10 & closing with the most important one:

1) GAds is rolling out its new conversational experience
As announced, Google is rolling our this new AI campaign builder interface to all advertisers in English

2) Feedx is the new open source tool for AB testing on Shopping Feeds
Sam Bailey (Google) announced it on Linkedin

3) Meta’s Advantage detailed targeting expands to new goals
Here is the official announcement for the API update, but several advertisers already spotted the new features in the web UI too

4) Consent mode V2 / DMA corner
An official announcement by Google + 2 very good recaps by Simo Ahava and James Deeney (Lunio)

5) Why you might need running PMax + standard shopping campaigns
Ruben Runneboom explains the advantages of running PMax paired with standard shopping campaigns

6) interesting PMax structure for Lead Gen
Miles McNair & Bob Meijer shared an interesting structure to maximize performance

7) Bye-bye LinkedInAds lookalikes, welcome sponsored article
Linkedin officially announces lookalike audiences sunset on February 29, 2024 + Andrew Hutchinson (SMT) reported advertisers spotting the new sponsored article option

8) What to do when Meta broad targeting fails
Jon Loomer shares some interesting tips to optimize MetaAds campaigns when Advantage + Broad is not performing enough

9) Why the GAds assistance is so weak (waiting for further layoffs)
Ogie Hollywood (ex Googler) explains how Google Reps work is “organized” (disclaimer: they are forced to “sell” latest “optimizations”)

10) New PMax highlights
Hana Kobzova reported a new improvement in PMax reporting


TikTok’s new guide to effective bid strategies

PMax Masterclass by Google product experts (3/14/24)
Registration for adwexp24 is now open (only 7 Eary Bird tickets left)

May the ROI be with you! And… more peace for everyone ;-)

PS: Please comment if you think I missed something important!

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