Top 10 PPC News from July 1 to 22, 2022

  • GoogleAds: optimizing PMax campaigns, video editing/storage in assets, brand protection is worth it?, benchmark Q2 2022 highlights;
  • Microsoft Ads: Choosen by Netflix;
  • TikTokAds: mini-guide, versus
  • Instagram reels; #Twitter: using ads in 2022.

News in the video are commented starting from the #10 & closing with the most important one:

#1 The best post on PMax optimization read untill now
Jyll Saskin Gales (Wordstream) shared 10 very useful tips on how to optimize Performance Max campaigns

#2 Google launched interesting new functions in video asset storage/edit
The global release of Ads Creative Studio came along with some new interesting functions

#3 One click migration from SS to PMax or new campaigns?
Kirk Williams shared some very useful considerations to have a smooth passage from Smart Shopping to Performance Max

#4 Mini-guide to TikTok Ads
Nice global mini-guide to leverage TikTok advertising potential

#5 TikTok vs Instagram Reel Ads
An interesting case study comparison (actually the second test done with some variations)

#6 Why protecting your brand in GAds is a good thing even if you are ranking #1
Antony Tedesco shares an in-depth post analyzing all pros (and the few cons) of branding campaigns in GAds/Microsoft

#7 Google Ads benchmark report Q2 2022 main trends
Karooya shared some key findings deducted from Tinuiti’s benchmark report for Q2 2022

#7 Making Twitter Ads in 2022
Anna Sonnenberg (SME) posted an interesting compendium of Twitter Ads best practices

#9 Netflix chooses Microsoft Ads
The giant of the CTV global panorama choose Microsoft to serve ads in its ad-supported subscriptions

#10 New features coming to Google Performance Max ads
Google released Optimization Score, seasonality adjustments and data exclusions for PMax campaigns

Social Media advertising in 2022 (costs, types, tips and top channels)

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