Top 10 PPC News from July 28 to August 14, 2023

  • GoogleAds: new (serious) search term report in PMax via scripts, will feed-only campaigns still be possible?, so long to enhanced CPC in std shopping, seasonal adjustments BP, brand blocks in PMax, broad match real numbers;
  • FacebookAds: how spending limit works, 10 top examples in wellness industry;
  • TikTok: limiting ads personalization in EU, AI scripting tool;
  • MicrosoftAds: PMax in open beta + other updates;
  • Linkedin: ad specs 2023.

News in the video are commented starting from the #10 & closing with the most important one:

1) Are serious search term reports coming to PMax?
An update in GAds API improved the possibility to have a clearer (but still limited) report for search terms (Mike Rhodes & Martin Roettgerding)

2) PMax feed only campaigns might come to a sudden end
Google might use images from product feed to unlock additional inventory & formats (Mike Ryan)

3) Enhanced CPC in shopping campaigns will behave like manual CPC starting from October 23
Adriaan Deckker recalls an update which could radically change standard shopping campaigns behaviour

4) The hidden power of seasonal adjustments
Felix Kohmaier suggests some interesting ways of using seasonal adjustments in expected conversion numbers to prevent budget waste

5) MetaAds spending limits mini guide
Jon Loomer explains in details how spending limits act at account and campaign level

6) TikTok limits targeting options in Europe to meet EU privacy requirements
The chinese social giant announced a revision of its PPC platform limiting the use of personalized ads

7) 10 good examples of FacebookAds campaigns
Marisa Giacalone (Jumpfly) shares her top ten MetaAds in the health & wellness industry

8) All the ways to exclude branded traffic in PMax
Menachem Ani explains how to exclude brands in Google Performance Max campaigns and when to use one of the 4 ways to do it

9) TikTok AI script generator mini-guide
Anna Sonnenberg shares several best practices in using the automatic script tool to quickly generate short-form video ads

10) Microsoft PMax & other updates for August
Official announcements of improvements by Microsoft + comment on PMax open beta by Dan Roberts (PPC Hubbub)

Is broad match keeping its promises?

Linkedin Ad specs updated to 2023

May the ROI be with you! And… more peace for everyone ;-)

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