Top 10 PPC News from June 21 to 28, 2024

  • GoogleAds: broad match news (positive and negative) + search terms, 50 shades of brand, budget-saving rule, LSA news, COMO2 and customer match, tROAS insights;
  • MetaAds: sales goals for non e-commerce projects, automatic catalogues, promotion of offers, groups in Meta and IG broadcasts etc.;
  • Amazon: mini-guide to sponsored brand campaigns.
In the video contents (AI translated) are exposed starting from the last one (as in any honorable top ten ;-))

1) GoogleAds releases updates on broad match (positive and negative)
Ginny Marvin announced improvements on search term reporting, negatives extended to typos and brand targeting/exclusion

2) 50 shades of brand bidding
Andrew Lolk published a nice post with all the peculiarities of branding campaigns (in PMax too)

3) Why it could be worth it to use Meta Ads campaigns with sales goals
Jon Loomer explains what the advantages of these types of campaigns are, even when you are not promoting direct online sales

4) The automatic catalog arrives on MetaAds too
Dario Zannoni was among the first to highlight the new feature (similar to the one recently launched by Google)

5) Recent updates from MetaAds
Bram Van der Hallen recaps some new features released, including: new offline conversions API, offers + sitelinks, promotion of groups and IG broadcasts

6) A simple automatic rule to save unnecessary expenses in GAds
Ruben Runneboom shared a simple, but smart, automatic rule for pausing unprofitable keywords

7) Now leads in Google local ads will be automatically validated
The lead verification process will be automated (thanks to AI) and it will no longer be possible to report invalid ones (Barry Schwartz)

8) The latest news in Amazon brand sponsorship campaigns
Evan Facenger recaps the latest updates and tips for using them best

9) Google adds insights on the tROAS strategy
Thomas Eccel was among the first ones to highlight a new in-depth window with detailed data for PMax and Shopping

10) Google notifies upcoming problems in using customer match lists without obtaining consent
Anu Adegbola reports a warning for advertisers in the European Economic Area (as a consequence of COMOv2)


Google rleases a new diagnostic function in Tag Manager – Adriaan Dekker

Quality Score Dashboard script (v.2) – Martin Roettgerding

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