Top 10 PPC News from June 23 to July 7, 2023

  • GoogleAds: GVP placements quality, auto-optimizing product feeds, PMax adoption rates, search themes & brand exclusions, Saas campaigns, real time keyword validation, Gen Z Music Lineup;
  • FacebookAds: Advantage budgeting, FB/IG updated ad size specs;
  • MicrosoftAds: 3-strikes out policy;
  • LinkedinAds: fast retargeting.

News in the video are commented starting from the #10 & closing with the most important one:

1) Google accused of low quality Video Ads Placements
A report from Adalytics supposedly revealed that Google violated its own quality standards when placing video ads on yhird-party websites (D. Meier)

2) Google released an open source tool to auto-optimize shopping feeds
Google Feedgen uses Large Language Models (LLMs) to generate optimised titles & description and fill missing attributes in product feeds (A. van de Pol)

3) Performance Max adoption rates still is around 50% of shopping campaigns
Martijn Beumer (co-founder of the largest EU CSS, shares PMax adoption rates among thier 431 merchants

4) How PMax brand exclusions works (or will work)
Very nice mini-guide to the new brand exclusion function coming to PMax (B. Meijer & M. McNair)

5) Hot to get the most out of PPC for SaaS campaigns
Sophie Logan shares an interesting list of targeting best practices for Software as a Service brands (including display audiences)

6) Advantage campaing budget best practices
Jon Loomer shares a mini-guide to budget strategies in Facebook’s automated campaigns

7) The fastest ways to build retargeting audiences on LikedinAds
Eric Jones (B2Linked) shares useful tips to rapidly populate your LinkedinAds remarketing lists

8) Google makes GAds API keyword validation process real time + search themes in PMax
Adriaan Dekker spotted an alert for Google Ads API users that the process will now lead to immediate policy violation failures + Alfred Simon PMax new function

9) Also Microsoft now uses 3 strike out rule for policy violations
Starting form July 1, Microsoft joined Google in immediately suspending services when advertisers hit 3 repeated policy violations

10) Google launched a new (paying) tool to find GenZ favorite music for your ads
Gen Z Music lineup is now available to enrich video campaigns with 18-24 years old favourite music (N. Agius)

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