Top 10 PPC News from March 31 to April 14, 2023

  • GoogleAds: micro-conversion importance, negatives & PMax, RSA optimization, scaling video & regular Ads, using IS effectively;
  • FacebookAds: do not touch a winning team;
  • LinkedinAds: video best practices, case history
  • TikTokAds winning examples;
  • GA4: bye-bye to 4 attribution models, conversion dedupe, comparing UA &GA4 data.

News in the video are commented starting from the #10 & closing with the most important one:

#1 How to use micro-conversions to unlock your campains’ potential
Andrew Lolk explains in-details and shows numbers on why tracking conversions before the real ones is so important to auto-optimize campaigns

#2 Duplicated conversions in GA4 have little time
Charles Farina spotted a very interesting dedupe counting method option rolled out in some accounts

#3 4 attribution models in GA4 will be retired on May
First-click, linear, time-decay and position-based are being retired starting from September in favour of data-driven model

#4 Linkedin Video ads best practices for BtoB
VidMob a LI partner released some interesting insights retrieved from the analysis of more than 800M impressions in NORAM & EMEA

#5 How to manage PMax negatives without asking a Google Rep
Miles McNair discovered that Google representatives can link PMax to negative keywords lists too

#6 How to scale YouTube Ads campaigns
Anna Sonnenberg (SME) shares a very in-depth, step-bystep guide to YouTube ads optimization

#7 a real case of LinkedinAds exposed
B2Linked shares data and insights from a really interesting LIAds case story

#8 Interesting TikTokAds examples to be inspired by
Tara Johnson (Tinuiti) shared 9 super-good TikTok Ad real cases

#9 How to use Impression Share to optimize your account
Anthony Tedesco shares a very interesting post diving in-depth into how IS can be used to gather performance insights

#10 How to know when to scale GAds campaigns
Navah Hopkins shares some interesting key performance indicators to know when a campaign is ready to scale

Setting up RSA for easier analysis

How to compare UA & GA4 data with Linear Regression
Do not touch a winning team:

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