Top 10 PPC News from November 24 to December 8, 2023

  • GoogleAds: quality issues on Search Partners too (& opt out possibility), script to auto-exclude underperforming DGen placements, welcome back GA4 data (& Audiences), Consend Mode V2 necessary to run ads in 2024, GAds Director resigns (after 15 years) etc;
  • MetaAds: custom GA4 report for Meta’s placements + updates in audience size to exit learning phase, benchmark data updated for 20+ industries, Threads will land in Europe very soon;
  • Linkedin: CAPI;
  • Pinterest: expands external linking to more campaigns;
  • 2023 #BFCM data.

News in the video are commented starting from the #10 & closing with the most important one:

1) Another report confirms Google’s quality issues on Search Partner selection & now they are letting advertisers opt out
Another report, again by Adalytics, confirmed the lack of acceptable minimum quality standards among Google’s Search Partners too (after Video Partners) and Google was forced to offer opt out option (via Rep contact) till March 2024

2) A script to automatically filter out low performance placements in DGen campaings
Mike Rhodes, after Thomas Eccel’s input, created a script to automatically add to placement exclusion list all YT channels under certain pre-fixed performance thresholds

3) GA4 data back in GAds (needs manual activation!)
Freek Kampen spotted that the import of some GA4 metrics (among which “engaged sessions”) is back to GAds. But you need to manually opt-in.

4) Consent Mode V2 will be necessary if you run ads in March 2024
Simo Ahava confirmed that the new evolution of Google Consent Mode will be required to run ads starting from March 2024

5) Jerry Dischler (GAds Director) resigns (after 15 years)
Official statements from Google say that this is not related to the recent Federal Antitrust trial Google is facing

6) Linkedin launches its own Conversion API
LinkedIN has officially released its own Conversion API

7) GA4 will remove Google Signals on February 12, 2024
Charles Farina received a message about Google removing Google Signals from the reporting identity (will stay for demographics & interests)

8) Custom GA4 report for Meta placements + minimum audience size to exit learning phase
Bram Van der Hallen suggests a report and some interesting updates form Meta platform

9) Now is possible to create GA4 audiences in GAds
With this update it will be possible to create new GA4 audiences to be used in GAds campaigns directly whithin campaign creation/management procedure

10) 2023 BFCM data for GAds, Meta & Amazon + FBAds benchmark
Tinuiti (Andy Taylor) released Black Friday & Cyber Monday data and Wordstream (Susie Marino) FBAds benchmark data for 20+ industries

Pinterest adds direct links to more ad campaign types

Meta’s Threads will land to Europe as Christmas present

ADworld Experience 2024 call for speakers

May the ROI be with you! And… more peace for everyone ;-)

PS: Please comment if you think I missed something important!

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