Top 10 PPC News July 9-29, 2021

The top 10 international Pay Per Click Industry News from July 9 to 29, 2021 commented live on YT.

GoogleAds: enhanced conversions, Optimized targeting, 3-strikes Ad Policy, FLoC, ad-strength & QS etc; FacebookAds: warm audiences; Microsoft: video extensions; Linkedin: Marketing Certifications; TikTok: local audiences;

News in the video are commented starting from the #10 & closing with the most important one:

#1 Google launches Enhanced Conversions beta
Google will use all signals coming from logged-in users to make the better attribution they can (the post explains also how to set it with Google Tag Manager or Gtag.js)

#2 Google Ads Optimized Targeting is gradually rolling out
it is different from audience espansion because it is not targeting users similar to what you targeted within your group settings, but to the ones that converted. If it works this could be a disruptive piece of news.

#3 Google announced tests on a new “3-strikes” Ad Policy violation system
Starting from September, in case of 3 repeated violations within 90 days for dishonest behavior, unapproved pharmaceuticals or dangerous products any account will be suspended indefinitely

#4 FLoC & the future of audiences
Frederick Vallaeys explains in depth how FLoC works (or, better, could have worked) clarifying that it is an open system suitable to be used by all advertising platforms, not only by GoogleAds itself

#5 3 ways to build warm audiences in Facebook Ads
Laura Moore shows how you can use Instant Experience, Carousel Ads and Video interactions to build receptive audiences in Facebook Ads

#6 The top Google Ads conversion tracking mistakes
Brad Geddes reported in a clever video the most frequent issues he found in conversion tracking in GAds & GAnalytics

#7 Google Display & Video 360 new targeting options for CTV campaigns
Google launched some new targeting options for Connected TV and audio streams. This is interesting because it is leading the way towards the unification of web & TV channel campaign management

#8 Microsoft Advertising Video Extension
Carolyn Lyden recaps the settings & capabilities of this (by now) unique ad format in Search Marketing landscape

#9 Measuring Ad-Strength impact on Quality Score (& performance)
Renée Akkermans discovered that pinning items in Responsive Search Ads may result in a decreased Ad-Strength, but not necessarily in a lower QS & performance

#10 Are Dynamic Exclusion List worth a try?
Susie Marino explains why they are interesting and how to set up them in your account

Jury Prize Extras Here is a small recap of other interesting piece of news beyond the top 10:

Targeting local audiences in Tik Tok Ads

Linkedin lauched its own Marketing Certifications for ads partners

ADworld Experience 2021 confirmed speakers

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