Top 10 PPC News June 3 to July 1, 2022

  • Google Ads: optimizing RSA, Shopping title options, broad match + smart bidding is for everyone?, smart bidding & portfolio strategies, automatic custom audiences in PMax, how (not) to use optimized targeting;
  • Linkedin Ads: launching account manager, monitor competitors’ ads;
  • TikTok Ads: on the rise among SMBs;
  • Twitter Ads: launches campaign planner.

News in the video are commented starting from the #10 & closing with the most important one:

#1 Bye Bye ETA – welcome RSA (& how to optimize them)
On June 30 Extended Text Ads were retired. Here are 2 very good posts on how to test & optimize Responsive Search Ads.

#2 3 Google Shopping title options you probably do not know
Kirk Williams (Zato Marketing) explains some options for titling you can give to Google

#3 TikTok Ads on the rise among SMBs
A new report evidences how this social is gaining traction among Small & Medium Enterprises

#4 Is Broad Match + Smart Bidding the new Black?
Michelle Morgan explains why this methodology might not suit all accounts/campaigns

#5 GA4 admin settings you don’t want to overlook
Michelle Noonan (Seer Interactive) shared a post highlighting a couple of important settings to consider in Google Analytics 4

#6 Smart bidding & Portfolio strategies
Andrew Lolk shared an interesting post explaining how they use smart bidding in Savvy Revenue

#7 Automatic in-market custom audiences in PMax campaigns
Cory Lindholm noticed an interesting feature of Performance Max, that could be helpful to spot warm audiences

#7 Linkedin will launch their own account manager
Finally also LIAds will have a sort of account manager (Business Manager)

#9 How to search for competitors’ campaigns in Linkedin Ads
Nice post on how to track and monitor LIAds campaigns by your competitors

#10 When to use Optimized Targeting
Elizabeth Sarro (Cypress North) explains how (not) to use Optimized targeting :-)

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Twitter’s campaign planner –
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