Top 10 PPC news Sept. 30 to Oct 14, 2022

  • GoogleAds: keyword (match type) less accounts, RSA performance tweaks, content targeting for video ads sunset, GDN inventory control center;
  • FacebookAds: reels ads, test vs YT, Pinterest & TikTok video ads, spying competitors’ audiences;
  • Microsoft: October updates;
  • analytics: GA4 automatic tracking form interactions, attribution guide;
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News in the video are commented starting from the #10 & closing with the most important one:

#1 The path to GAds keyword (match type) free account is marked
Google is beta testing a new feature to turn on all broad keywords and off all other matching types

#2 GA4 adds form interaction events in enhanced measurement
Two new events were added in Google Analytics 4 to automatically track lead interactions

#3 How you might hurt your account performance with RSA
Responsive Search Ads may improve dramatically the visibility of your account, with 5 important caveats

#4 TikTok video ads vs IG Reels, YT Shorts & Pinterest Idea
The results of a $3,000 spend test in the 4 major video ads platforms

#5 Google will discontinue content targeting for video ads in 2023
An alert note in the help section explains how keywords, topics & placements in video campaigns that drive conversions

#6 How to promote reels with FB/IG Ads
Nice post by Jon Loomer explaining how to get the most out of Facebook/instagram reels

#7 Google redesigns GDN content inventory control section
It will be called “Content suitability” center, but it does not appear to be a revolution

#7 Google Analytics 4 attribution guide
Very nice post explaining GA4 works differently from UA under the hood

#9 Microsoft October updates
PMax imports, audience network expansion, video ads + other minor updates

#10 How to spy FBAds audiences used by your competitors
Like in Twitter and LinkedIN you can check which audiences your competitors are using to target you

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