Top PPC News from April 1 to 22, 2022

  • GoogleAds: UA to GA4 import of conversion events, avoid PMax cannibalization of branded keys &audiences to jumpstart, reports dashboard at manager account level, Discovery campaigns, new local services (in US & CA), custom column functions, agile target layering;
  • FacebookAds: bug pausing random ad groups;
  • LinkedinAds: miniguide to conversion tracking.

#1 Google rolled out a conversion event import tool from UA to GA4
That’s a very good news (if it works :-) and we hope to have many more of these functions to make easier the switch & (eventually) the import of basic historic data

#2 How to minimize Pmax cannibalization of your branded search queries
A very interesting post by Nils Rooijmans explaining in details how this (might) happen and the way to minimize it

#3 Marketers reporting a bug in Facebook Ads which might pause random campaigns
Some advertisers had some their best campaigns paused with no apparent reason. Keep an eye on yours :-)

#4 Audiences in PMax might help jumpstarting campaigns
Ginny Marvin (GAds liaison) confirmed that they could be helpful especially at the beginning but are only a starting point for the optimization algorithm

#5 Miniguide of Linkedin Ads post iOS14 conversion tracking
B2Linked (AJ Wilcox) shared a very nice recap of the conversion tracking functionalities available now in the platform

#6 Reports Dashboard now available at account manager level
Now we can aggregate data from different account directly in GAds without Datastudio or other external tools

#7 Miniguide to Google Ads Discovery Campaigns
AN interesting recap of DOs & DONTs to run effective Discovery campaigns in Google Ads

#8 Google Local Service Ads expanded to new categories (in US & CA)
Google just enlarged the categories of local services which can use this kind of ads (by now only in USA & Canada)

#9 New functions for custom columns in GAds
Google introduced new functionalities to create, calculate and filter data in custom columns

#10 Agile Target Layering (how to use GAds manual targeting & ML at their max)
Slides from my last BrightonSEO presentation on how to mix good old manual targeting techniques & machine learning potential of Google Ads

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