Top 10 PPC News from April 28 to May 12, 2023

  • GoogleAds: performance data at asset group level in PMax, free script with price benchmark in shopping ads, broad match & AI, YouTubeAds lessons learned, conversions from Business Profiles;
  • FacebookAds: location targeting options changed, audience controls in advantage+ campaigns, messaging ads mini-guide;
  • PPC benchmark Q1 2023 w/ comment of FB/IG decreasing CPM;
  • Snapchat new placements;
  • Pinterest will show #Amazon Ads.

News in the video are commented starting from the #10 & closing with the most important one:

#1 Asset group level performance reports in PMax
Google finally released some new performance data at asset group level within Performance Max campaigns

#2 Free script to retrieve price benchmark in Merchant Center
Jack Gossinton created and shared a script which puts together historic performance data for up to 5 products with MC price benchmarks

#3 Meta changes location targeting in FBAds
Meta updated the ads location targeting options leaving only “Living in or recently in this location” one

#4 New audience controls in FBAds Advantage+ shopping campaigns
These new controls allow to set age range & location exclusions

#5 Is broad match the new black? & Goog old GAds techniques are still good or only old?
Two different PPC Pro shared their interesting points of view (& case stories) on how our way of otimizing campaigns is changing

#6 Mini-guide to Meta Messaging Ads
Anna Sonnenberg shares a very nice recap of Facebook Messaging ads best practices to get quality leads

#7 Digital ads benchmark Q1 & FBAds drill-down
Karoya commented Tinuiti’s ads benchmark report & Jon Loomer offers an explanation of Meta ads trends

#8 Key concepts to keep in mind when doing YouTube Ads
Menachem Ani shares a recap of lessons learned from his YouTube advertising experience

#9 Snapchat adds new ad placements
Spotlight Ads & promoted links have been announced at IAB Newfronts

#10 Pinterest will show Amazon Ads
Amazon is the firs third-party ads supplier for Pinterest, but probably will not be the only one ;-)

GAds will integrate new conversions from business profiles

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