Top 10 PPC News from September 2 to 16, 2022

  • GoogleAds destination requirements policy, PLA in Discovery, In-store visits value etc
  • FacebookAds CAPI in WP, Ad specs
  • LinkedinAds branding vs web site visits
  • Microsoft new multi-platform campaigns & multimedia ads

News in the video are commented starting from the #10 & closing with the most important one:

#1 The new Google Ads Destination Requirements Policy
Kristen MCCormick recaps all the new requirements against intrusive ads Google will be applying on landing pages starting from October 22 (give a look if you don’t want your ads disapproved)

#2 Google is rolling our Product Listings for Discovery Campaigns
This is a very good news with shopping season approaching (thanks to Giuseppe Scollo for spotting the global rollout process happening now)

#3 How to set Facebook CAPI in a WP site
How to set Facebook Ads Conversion API with a free plugin and without writing any code line

#4 Store visits & sales values can now be adjusted with value rules
Brick & mortar resellers can now set rules to over/under-weight in-store visits among conversions

#5 Brand Awareness vs Website Visits objective in Linkedin Ads
Amazing results of some tests between the 2 different campaign goals available in LinkedIN Ads

#6 Microsoft launches multi-platform campaigns
The Redmond’s giant announced a closed US beta of a campaign type running at the same time on Microsoft, GoogleAds, Facebook Ads and Instagram.

#7 Google redesigns automatically applied recommendations
Automatic recommendations will be split in 2 with different levels (a more conservative one and an aggressive option)

#7 Facebook Ads sizes & specs 2022
Hootsuite updated their guide to FBAds formats

#9 Microsoft launched Multimedi Ads formats
Some new ad formats are coming to Microsoft to fit Windows 11 and Bing’s more visual search experience

#10 Google Ads will unify & rebrand ad extensions in “assets”
A new UI interface is on its way for ad extensions (new name assets, like in PMax), but there shouldn’t be changes in how they work at account, campaign or group level

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